Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Birthday wish list


My birthday is coming up and wanted to make  wish list of the products I'm hoping to get. Some of these products I've used before and repurchasing them seeing that I'm out or almost. 

There is a new product on here that I've heard so many good reviews on, and hoping it works well on me and that I can get some relief with my cracked chapped lips is the Bite- agave night mask. 

Lush -  The lush products that I have on here stuff that I have already. Well I have a sample of Dream Cream and I would like an actual tub of it because it smells amazing. It's easy to distribute as a lotion but it's got the benefits and nourishing power of a body butter. 

Rehab ~ Is an amazing shampoo, I use it like a fortifying shampoo, it gets rid of my build up I do it once a week at the most. Also this shampoo is doesn't leave my hair greasy, also it smells amazing. 

Bath Bombs ~ I have the avocado bath bomb but I only have a couple chunks left, I break them so I can get more baths out of them than just one. I would love to try some other scents,they make my skin so soft and bath time more relaxing. 

Urban Decay shadow in YDK-  This shadow is in the Naked 2 pallet this is one that Iv' had my eye on for a while and would love it to my collection. 

DKNY- This is my signature scent, everyone complements me while wearing this. This is one that doesn't also change on my body it stays true.
Dream Cream
Any bath bomb from Lush
Bite - lip treatment
Urban Decay - YDK
DKNY- be delicious
Lush shampoo - Rehab

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** The Bite website is more a blog type, their products can be found at Sephora.
Bites blog - http://bitebeauty.com/blog/

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