Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Body shop White musk


I got a trial of this from the girl at the Body Shop. I think I found my new scent in lotion, it's not over powering and you smell clean. It's very moisturizing and my skin feel amazing after applying. On your skin it feels like a butter but applying it feels like a lotion it's very light formula in a sense. I will be buying a big bottle of this for the summer, think it will be a good one for the summer time. Whats your favourite scent from the body shop? ♥︎ KT 


  1. Im not a fan of musky smells much prefer their fruity stuff :)


    1. See it depends on the fruit for me.. this has fruity notes to it you have to smell it to get it really.It's got some floral notes to it smells fantastic