Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Favorite hair spray !


Lately I've been doing the beach wave/curl to my hair, I had some travel sized hair spray. I went through all of those ( in my empties blog ). I have a can of your traditional hair spray from Rusk, but also I was getting sick of that it's one you have to get use to the smell. I love Herbal Essence hair style mouses so I wanted to try their hairspray that is a pump spray. 

This hairspray doesn't make your hair sticky, it holds the curl very well. I use this with tousle me softly mouse as well, to get my look. It smells amazing gets a little hard but has some softness to it. The spray on this is a great, it coats evenly and the pump is easy to use with one hand. 

Hope this helps you choose your next hair spray. ♥︎ KT 

This is a day after hair. Also this is also a after a night on the town with friends. 

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