Friday, 7 February 2014

Equate make up remover cleansing wipes


I've tried tones of face cleansing wipes and I still have my favourites than I think I found the ones I'm string with. They are Walmart's own brand, never used any of their brand before, so I was very sceptic at first.  What sold me on these specifically is that you can buy 60 count that come in a tub, and you can just buy the refill packs. I would buy the smaller packs every 2 months or so trying to find a way to save me money. They have different wipes for all skin types and needs, I think the next ones I try are the exfoliating ones. 

They cleaned up my make-up nicely with out leaving a funky residue on my skin. They clean water proof make up with a little effort. Also they don't make your eyes burn  when getting close to them. They are also a good size sheet that you can use it for your whole face, have enough product also that don't feel dry. Once this pack is done I will be purchasing the big pack of these, just love how these take off my make up. ♥︎KT 

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