Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Body Shop Lip Scrub

Ladies ! 

I have really bad dry lips, it doesn't matter what lip products I use they still peel and crack.  I don't use lipstick at all because of this problem, barely wear lip gloss either because it can look flakey. I can never win the battle of my dry lips, I drink water everyday. I use to make my own scrub on a cotton round ( will have the recipe down below). But found that it was to much every time I wanted to scrub my lips. Than I went into the Body shop for face products and ask the sales person if they had a scrub. She directed me to this that looks like a lip stick. So far I'm so happy with it I put it on and leave it on till all the grit has dissolved, wipe extra away with warm water. I add my favourite lip chap and my lips are silky smooth. ♥︎ KT 

There is large grit and smaller grit, it gets the flakes right off. Also it's minty flavour !! 

My home made scrub recipe : 

One cotton round
1/4 tsp (1ml) of oil 
1/8 (.5 ml) white or brown sugar 
1/4 of honey
** If you want it more scrubby than use more sugar. Find starting small  amounts of sugar and than adding more for the grit that you prefer is easier then trying to wipe it off the cotton pad. 



  1. That scrub looks nice and really easy to use. Have you tried the lip scrubs from lush? I had a bubblegum flavored one a few years ago and loved it!

    1. no i haven't i didn't think it worth it for i only use it once a twice a month