Friday, 21 February 2014

Birthday Wish List


In 2 months time is my birthday and I started a little wish list for myself. The last time I went to Lush I got my hands on a tester of Dream Cream, Avobath bomb and a small bottle of Rehab shampoo. I love Rehab for my hair, it's the only shampoo that I can use day to day with out getting oily hair. Normally I have to switch my shampoo's daily to not have this problem. So I want a big bottle of this shampoo to have on hand. Dream cream I got as a tester and adore how it makes my skin feel, it's refreshing and last all day with out replaying. Lush bath bombs are great, I break them into big chunks so I get more baths out of one bomb, would love to try another so I can compare if I like them or not as a product. Find that you have a to try a product more than once to get a full effect of something. The new craze is the new Naked lip glosses, I want to try these, even though I'm not a fan of lip products. More so I want to see if I can get a tester of this to see if it does what it says and claims. So do you guys have any wish list items that you want to get or try, let me know in the comments. ♥︎KT 

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