Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Nivea dry skin cream

Hey Ladies 

Well we all know that your skin needs different needs in the winter than summer time.  I found that my skin wasn't getting enough moisture in the winter time with a regular day cream. So I went searching for a cream that will work on my dry skin and not make me break out. I found it through trial and error in my local drug store, I didn't want to go high end because at the time didn't fit in my budget. The texture of this cream is thin but very buttery, it sinks into your skin really well. I just take it  easy around my T-zone because that's where I'm more oily. I find using  the excess off my fingers in that area in general. ♥︎ KT 

What they say : 

  • Nourishes skin with intensive moisture
  • Supports skin's natural moisture balance thanks to its rich moisturizing formula
  • Leaves skin looking healthy and beautiful

What I say : 

  • Gives my skin a great balance of hydration through the harsh winters 
  • Great price can be found at drug stores ( walmart, shoppers, target) 
  • Stops my skin from looking like scales on a fish


  • Small bottle is easy to take on the road with you
  • Little goes a long way
  • I can normally get a whole winter out of one tube
  • Love how it makes my skin feel
  • Dry to sensitive skin


  • Doesn't have SPF 
  • Can sometimes add to the oily parts of my face during certain times of month
  • Doesn't have a pump, sometimes hard to the right amount


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