Thursday, 19 December 2013

NYC BIG curl mascara

Gals !! 

Not to long ago I got a Voxbox from Influenster in the mail with somethings to review on.One of them was the NYC brand. I've never tried the brand before so I went in with open mind. You can find this in your local drug stores, it is the cheapest out of all the brands. Will do a pro and con list so keep reading ♥ KT

Thought that packaging was simple and cute, love the color of the tube

Wand was huge than what i would use normally.
Reminds me of what the wand was like on the maybelline mascaras. 

Pro's : 

- Holds curl amazing
- Last all day with some fading but not much.
- Non expensive at all
- Great in a pinch specially if you are on vacation and you run out of mascara easy to find. Most drugstores carry the brand.


- Wet formula never seems to dry out like others
- Clumpy and not smooth application at all
-Flakes through out the day only a little
- Found the wand to big for little eye-lashes

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  1. wow that wand looks huge!! Since i have itty bitty asian eyes, that won't work for me lol. The smaller the wads, the better for me!

    1. ohh yeah i have little eyes too and it is huge, n the formula is very goopy.. think it's because the price of it because it isn't a smooth as i want it to be