Thursday, 14 November 2013

Palmers Cocoa Butter


I've always seen this in the stores before but never really thought about trying this product. I got a magazine from Walmart for the Christmas season, this little sample of Palmer's Cocoa Butter was in it. So after I got out of the shower instead of using my normal lotion, I tried this. Normally doctors recommend this product of lotions to women use this during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks. There was enough in this little sample packet to do both legs and arms with a little left over I may use just to rub on my chest and showers before bed. The formula is very rich with out being greasy, soaked in your skin very fast with out leaving a film on your skin.  Left everything so soft and smelling like fresh hot chocolate but not over powering. Would be a great every day lotion in my books. Also if you live in colder climates this will help with cracked dry skin. Have you guys tried any samples ? ♥ KT  

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