Monday, 11 November 2013

Imats 2013 and lush haul

Ladies !

This past weekend I went to Imats, got some stuff off my list and more. I also went to Lush for the first time what a store let me tell ya! Stop into Sephora also but that will be another post on a eye shadow that I purchased. Our Imats isn't as good as the states, we were there for maybe an hour and a half, the rest was spent time at a mall. My friend and I choose to go to only stores we don't have where we live, that way we can try new products and stores. Down below I will break down what I got from where well I hope you enjoy ♥ KT.

Imats :

 Bdellium brushes are the best brushes I've used they are soft and wash up amazing and stay soft. I've had my first crease brush from them year and half ago and it's like when I first bought it, so going at $ 5 CAN I couldn't pass up the deal. I got 2 crease brushes ( #785) One shadow brush ( #777).

Ben Nye Banana Powder :     This seems to be used by so many people on Youtube and professionals. I wanted to know what the hype was all about. So I got a small container to see what it was all about. $ 10 CAN

Lush : 

Dream Cream Sample - Just a great every day lotion, wanted to try a sample before getting a big container of it.

Angels on Bare Skin solid cleanser Sample
- When I tried this out it felt amazing on my skin, wanted a face cleanser that will balance my T-zone out. It's been more greasy than normal and I want something that maybe will balance it out the way it use to be.

Avobath Bath Bomb - I'll be breaking this huge ball into small pieces. I heard their bath bombs are heavenly so decided to treat myself to something I wouldn't normally use.

Rehab Shampoo - I suffer from  fine hair that means greasy hair, I have to wash my hair pretty much every single day due to my hair type. So I got a small bottle of this to try it out, my first thoughts on this shampoo is great. I still had to some dry shampoo on my roots but didn't have to stick up my hair because it was a grease ball.

Ponche - It's got a warm fruit punch smell to it, smells wonderful and lingers on your skin after.

** More posts on separate things in this post coming soon ** 

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