Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Ben Nye Banana Powder insight + review

I know this product has been in the beauty world for a while, also seen on a lot of Youtube channels. I thought I should see what the hype was all about with this product. I got this product at the 2013 Imats here in Toronto, the place that sells it had a big line. But with some searching there was another place that was selling it as well, also had more selection of the other setting powders. I got this at $ 10 CAN ( I know right awesome deal ), couldn't pass up to try it for that much. Also thought if I didn't' like it I could give it to my friend that came with me to Imats.

I've used this product for a week now, and I love it. Course out there are products that are cheaper that work the same way. I think the texture of this puts it in a category, it feels like normal face powder but sifted a couple times it have smooth texture. So if you haven't tried this yet please do at least to try like it did. Let me know how you like it ♥ KT 
( Left ) Original Banana powder  ( Right ) Buff, Original, Cameo,  Beige Suede.
* You can also get these in darker shades

Pros : 

Great coverage
Little goes a long way
Easy to apply with a big fluffy brush
Great range of shades for all skin types
Smooth silky texture to the touch
Blending is flawless


Very expensive when you put shipping and handling into factor.
Need to shake product out, can be hard not to get to much product out. 

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