Sunday, 24 November 2013

Avobath Bomb from Lush

Ladies !! 

I'm late to get on the Lush band wagon, but finally got my hands on some. I picked up a bath bomb to try and the one that I got is the Avobath. The scent is fresh and citrus, also with a hint of avocado smell. It tinted my water a light pale green, the olive oil in it left your skin smooth and soft feeling. The bath bomb itself is a size of a baseball, so to make it so I could have multiple wonderful smelling baths. I to a hammer to the bomb and broke it in good size chunks, it was easy to break I put it in a ziplock bag and followed the seem around. It took a little bit of time but with some extra hard whacks it crumbled apart, the big chunks I broke in 1/3ds. Tell me what are your favorites bath bombs from lush ? ♥ KT 


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  1. I didn't know they had a bath bomb with avocado x