Thursday, 3 October 2013

Tones of the toners !!

Ladies !! 

Hey ladies we are talking about toners today, thought that everyone should know about these. I never really use to use them, till I started to get acne heavily. I found out that my cleanser was just cleaning the surface of my skin and leaving still dirt and crime on my skin.. Than I found the 3 step Tea tree system at The body shop and fell in love, it has helped my skin in so many ways that I can't describe to you till you find out for yourselves.  Also I found washing my face before bed there was still mascara residue left and toner just seems to get it and take it away from my skin.. I gave you my top 4 tones which I've used and swear by on their performances, I tend to switch between these 4. As of right now I'm using Tea Tree one,  So I hope my selections have helped you when you perches you next toner, you may have to try a couple to find what is the right one for you. ♥ KT 

Traditional - Toners consist of moisturizers, oils and extracts that help soothe your skin.
Which are generally alcohol-based, tighten the skin and pores and remove oil. 
Work similarly to astringents by tightening the skin, but they are made of ingredients like caffeine and green tea instead of alcohol. 

** If you have dry skin , stay away from astringent-type toners all together. It will further more make your dry skin worse. 

Tea Tree - This stuff is my holy grail of toners,  it's refreshing  blemished skin gives a beautifully matte, shine-free finish. Removes traces of make-up, cleanser and impurities that is still left on your skin.  Mattifying powders leave skin shine-free also clinically proven to give clearer-looking skin. 

Vitamin E - Living in Canada, our winters make anyone skin dry. When you have combination skin and with some dry spots just makes things worse sometimes. This hydrating toner that removes traces of cleanser, dirt and make-up without drying the skin, leaving it feeling soft. Also doesn't 

Fresh - I actually just this one as a make up remover than a toner. I find it breaks down make up faster than just cleansing your face. It rebalances my skins pH levels tightens pores, and removes impurities and dead skin. 100% pure grape water rich in oligo elements and mineral salts, give you a bright, clean complexion. Also my skin feels hydrated an not dried out an smooths out my discoloration that maybe starting. 

Pure -   I use this when I come back from the gym and a spot toner. If you have senitive skin this wouldn't be ideal for you, the salicylic acid might irritate your skin more.  This pacific toner is for  oily skin that’s prone to imperfections that maybe causing you some issues It helps dry blemishes, refines pores, and evens out your complexion. Active ingredients include zinc; a cleansing anti-bacterial agent; and salicylic acid to tighten pores

(L-R) Tea tree, Vitamin E, Garnier Fresh , Garnier Pure 


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