Saturday, 19 October 2013

Small Haul

Hey Ladies ! 

I went to the Beauty Supply Outlet to pick up some goodies. Well I was there to pick up hair dye back in august I dyed my hair with my favorite box color ( Garnier 100%  in 366) wanted a color match.  So the lady and I went through the book and got as close as we could to match the color, we found one. I've not used this type of hair dye brand before there will be a review later.The girl that I go see is very helpful and knowledgeable, she showed me how to mix this new color that I picked up. So I'm hoping this new color works in my favor.  I have 2 small bottles of dry shampoo from the drug store, I've been using them more than normal lately. So  there was dry shampoo on sale and I've looked at it before by the people that make my favorite shampoo, decided to try it. It's Dirty Secret ( normally black can ) They change the bottle for breast cancer month, also it came with one of those ribbon hair elastic.  So I hope you enjoy my little haul ♥ KT 

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