Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Roasting pumpkin seeds !!!


With the fall coming and Halloween, comes pumpkin carving. I'm gonna share with you my roasting seeds recipe. It's fast and simple and you can make up your own seasonings for your own pumpkin seeds. Also most schools here in Canada are peanut free, these little tasty snacks are great for lunches and after school snacks. Another idea is a  carving/ seed party, if you have kids or close group a friends. Before Halloween  carve  some pumpkins and did a seed party, that way the kids/ friends can make their own combinations of flavors they can take home and shared with the family. Before roasting these seeds, I wash them get all the left over pumpkin that might be stuck on them. I also let them dry over on the cookie sheet over night just make sure they are good a dry before roasting. 

What you will need : 

Striner to wash pumpkin seeds
Cookie  Sheet
PAM cooking spray 
Melted Butter  
Salt ( cores and fine) 
One large pumpkin ( See what pumpkin gives you best looking seeds ) 
Spoon or something to move the pumpkin seeds on cookie sheet 

Directions : 

* After drying a day or if carved in the morning they should be dry at dinner time  
-  Spray one even coat of PAM on the seeds.
- Melt and table spoon of butter in the microwave coat seeds and mix. 
- In a bowl take your fine salt, salt in a grinder  and Kosher salt mix. 
- Sprinkle salt mix and stir to coat. 
- Pop in the oven at 300 degrees  for 20min to start, than when timer goes off stir and even out on cookie sheet than back in the oven for 25. You may have to put them in a little longer, till golden, but keep an eye on them because they do burn very fast.  

** If you don't own a salt grinder use just the fine table salt and Kosher salt. 
Store seeds in a air tight container and stick them in the fridge for a longer shelf life

Hope you guys enjoy these is much as I do for a snack ♥ KT

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