Monday, 23 September 2013

New body wash favorite


I was having a problem with trying to find a good body wash for the shower. So I went on a hunt for my perfect body wash and I think I find a one that works for me. I'm not a fan of Olay lotions and or facial products, but their body washes are amazing. I needed something that would give me moisture to my dry skin all year round. I started with the shea butter ( yellow ) body wash, the scent is amazing and I saw results on my skin. Than I saw at a drug store they had the shea butter on but vanilla scent, but one problem is the fake vanilla scent. I'm not a fan of that one so I'm trying to use that one up so I don't have use it. I love the formula of it but hate the fake vanilla scent it's just not for me. Luckily I was at Walmart with my mom picking up some stuff. Than I noticed that Olay body wash were on sale for $4.00 notice a new 2-1 body wash and oil body wash. So I went through the scents till I found that one that I really liked and it so happens that it's my favorite color too.What are some of your favorite body washes ?? ♥ KT


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