Tuesday, 3 September 2013

How I prep my skin for winter

Ladies ! 

If some of you haven't noticed I live in Canada, we get long harsh cold weather with minus below some-days. So trying to keep your skin hydrated for the winter can sometimes be a difficult to keep on. I try at least to keep my skin hydrated for inside and outside, I find having the heat on in the house also doesn't help my skin either. Even with drinking tones of water sometimes doesn't cut how scaly my skin on my body can be.So I'm giving you 2 products I use to prep my skin for the harsh winter that Canada can bring. I use these products as a combo I use the thicker one at night than the other during the day to give me a barrier. I also use the thicker one right after I get out of the bath/shower. 

(L-R) Express Hydration, Smooth Replenishing, Firming with Q10,
Body Milk with almond oil.

I use the Body Milk at night it's a thicker formula  and I find with the almond oil it is a little greasy for the day.
I find it soaks right after the shower with out being greasy I think it's because my pours are open. 
(L- R) Lavender and Chamomile, Forever Fresh, 24 hour, Green tea, Dry skin, Cocoa n Shea
*These are the same as the baby scents as well.

I use the 24 hour baby version of this lotion and it works amazing during the day. There is unscented if you don't
want to smell like a baby during the day.

I hope this helps you with your dry skin problems ♥ Kt 

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