Thursday, 5 September 2013

August Empties


WOW it's sad that summer is over and we are moving into fall. Slowly I'm getting through  products that I've had in my collection for a while, staying away from buying anything new. I'm going to break down the products and do a little Pro/Con on each. Hope you enjoy ♥ KT 

 Senscience Volume Shampoo : This is my favorite salon shampoo on the scale of high end products in the beauty supply store it's on the cheaper end than your Redken and Paul Mitchell. It cleans my hair like a fortifying shampoo but with a lot of body. Also it smells so fresh, little goes a long way with this shampoo also.
Mystery White package : *Sorry threw out old package opened a new one* Well the white package is Olay face cloths, love these because you just need water to activate the soap on them. They are great for travel, I throw them in a ziplock baggy and stick them in travel bag. If I'm not going to be home there is one in my purse.
Simple Eye make up remover : I've tried a lot of eye make remover, this one is my favorite. It took me I'd say 4 months to get through this product. I use to it clean fall out after I'm done applying. I find that it works better than a face wipe and it's not wasting a wipe on a small job. I use it with a cotton round. Also it takes off the stubborn mascars' that we can find.
Simple ( light green ) face wipes: I've tried that dark package of these wipes and disappointed. I got the light green package in the mail as a sample and fell in love. They are soo much better than the dark green package. Removes all the make up off my face and not leaving a residue behind. I will defiantly re-buy these.
Garnier Face wipes (Vitamin- Enriched )Found them better than the dark green pack. They have 100% pure grape and apple extracts along with minerals to help my skin. I found using these my skin tone looks smoother and even. Also like these because sometimes on sale days they have combo packs which you get more for a good price. 
Crest 3D white tooth paste : I drink a lot of tea and pure fruit juice so my teeth like to yellow on me. So I needed a tooth paste with whitening along side. Works great on my teeth to keep the stains at bay. I have sensitive teeth also so I have to combine this with my Sensodine pronamel I just switch it up weekly. * Also if you do have sensitive teeth whitening products can sometimes make it worse

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