Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Fall Hair color selection!


Well I hope you guys enjoyed the top 5 uses for home ingredients. Now that summer is a closing and fall is approaching. So now I'm debating on some colors and I want your opinions, I use salon color because it's cheaper and easy to use once you get measuring products out right. I found that box color didn't last as long in my hair. Most of the time I would fall in love with one box color and they would discontinue it. So one day I went to the BSO ( beauty supply outlet) got what I needed,I will list of approx prices down below. The hair dye company I use is Schwarzkopf- Igora Royal. I just love how this product is very true to the color swatch as well, fades nicely too.  I found with box color fades can look splotchy and or fry your hair, so I went with the healthier hair option. Also if your not to sure about how much developer to put in the bowl or squeeze bottle, the ladies at the BSO wrote them down for me. That I've been doing it for a while now I just eye ball how much developer to dye ratio. ♥ KT 

What they say about the product: 
  • Maximum Performance
  • Up to 100% white hair coverage
  • Ultimate colour retention
  • Intense colour vibrancy
  • Perfect colour equalisation – even on porous hair
  • Clearest* lifting shades with advanced care**
  • Absolute true to tuft results

*vs. previous IGORA ROYAL Color Creme
**advanced care achieved with 12% / 40 Vol. IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 

They have these @ the BSO but they have measurements.
When you mix your color make sure you have your finger on the bottle tip and you shake away from you bottle could explode. I also cut the tip bigger so I got more product out, way easier than dealing with a small whole. If your use to box color this will make it easier for you. Approx $ 99cents to a 1.00 CAN 

If you don't feel comfortable with the bottle mixing option this is great way for you.
You don't have to buy all the brush options with this bowl if your don't want too, If your doing more than one color in your hair or touch up your roots easier this will be great. Approx $ 1.50 CAN for the bowl $ 1-2 for the brushes.  

These you can pick up by the box at your local drug store. Approx $ 5.00 CAN 

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  1. I recently started to use Schwarzkopf Brilliance and I love it ;)