Saturday, 13 July 2013

Products I've used trial size or used and now I want more !!!

Lovelies ! 

The pictures below and top show products that I will re-perches, either I used others by the company or trying them the first time and fell in love. I broke it down for you guys I'm hoping it makes your want to try these yourselves or you have been looking at them and are thinking on getting them. Hope some of the stuff i broke down for you helps you want to try these products. ♥ KT 

Body shop Eye makeup remover - The body shop eye- make remover is the best remover I've used, I normally use drug store and this has changed my mind. It conditions my eye lashes too there isn't a drug store eye makeup remover that conditions.

Body shop Seaweed line - I normally use the Tee tree oil line from body shop as well an I went to go get their night cream, but they were sold out. So the lady recommended the seaweed line, I'm glad she did the night gel is amazing. It's hydrating and doesn't leave a residue on your face or your pillow, keeps my skin clear and soft will be checking other things in the seaweed line. 

Bed head shampoo - I've got a battle with my hair, it's oily I try to go every other day. But during the 2nd day by mid day my hair is greasy and disgusting. I use a dry shampoo on my bangs and normally just throw it up normally that will get me through till the next day. I was wondering if it was the shampoo all these years, went to my beauty supply store and talked to the lady. She told me it has been the shampoo that Iv'e been using because my hair is so fine. She recommended this Volume shot volume shampoo it's AMAZING!! It cleans my hair perfectly with out drying it out. 

Simple SPF 15 day moisturizer -  Light feeling non greasy, great feeling on my skin. Little amount does my whole face with a little extra to do my neck area. I've had some hit and misses with this SIMPLE line but I've found their eye make remover and this daily moisturizer seem to be the combo that works. 

Garnier BB cream -  This seems to be the go-to BB cream for everyone. I also love this because I'm not a foundation wearer this is great !. Right now I'm using the original light to medium tone and it works and blends well with any brush or sponge blender even fingers. I want to try the oil free one to see if it helps with the shine problem because I do have an oily T zone. 

Face Masks-  I just get the trial travel packs of these, I can get 2 applications with each. I just stick them in a zip-lock back and it stops them from drying out. I do it at the end of the week so it cleans out my  pours weeks worth of grime and sweat. 

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