Sunday, 7 July 2013

Bath and Body Shop haul

Ladies !! 

I've swore on this stuff defiantly love it. It saved my skin when I was a teenager, life many teens I got acne. I tried every product on and over the counter, got to the point I was also was on antibiotics. So I said what the heck and went to the body shop to check out this Tee Tree line that my mom's friend said it worked for her daughter. So I got the Tee tree oil cleanser and the toner, that is what I normally wash my face with every night. I've noticed my face has been dry at night so I decided to try a serum to hydrate, that's from the body shops new line sea weed. I wanted to try their eye make up remover seeing that it comes in a huge bottle and if I can save money with than other buying little bottles of it at the drug store I'm willing to pay a little more. So I hope your willing to try these products like me ! ♥ KT 


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