Friday, 14 June 2013

My go to shampoo !

Ladies !! 

I have a hard time with shampoo because my hair is so fine. I have no volume so I was looking for one shampoo I could use every day but didn't weigh down my hair. If I use a shampoo for more than 3 days straight it makes my hair greasy. I went to my local beauty supply store and talked to the lady, she gave me brands to choose from but I chose this brand. It's Bed Head by TIGI I use  their styling products before but not never their shampoos' for some reason. This shampoo smells amazing it smells like strawberries, I didn't buy the conditioner to this seeing that I have tones of tubes from dying my hair. This stuff lathers amazing, makes my hair feel clean in the shower, also through out the day, makes my hair feel awesome. Find that a good size loonie size of this gets all the job done and no waste. So I hope you can try this product out for yourselves or if you used any other shampoo from this company please let me know. ♥ KT  

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