Saturday, 8 June 2013

May Favorites

Ladies  !

Sorry this is late but this is my may favorites, these are products  I found myself reaching for all month. Some products were new that I was trying out and totally fell in love with. Some of these were me absolute go to in the month of May. For my everyday look I really found myself reaching for walking on eggshells from Wet N Wild. Found this color combo so flattering for any day, I find for night the brown needs a little more UHMF so I mix it with another brown that I got from Cover Girl quad Country Woods. Even though I do have one mascara in this month of May. I've been trying to use up my other mascara that have been sitting in my collection in a while. Might as well use them up before using a new mascara because I will stop using the others. Mascara's aren't listed are CG- Clump crusher, Almay - Get up and Grow. In may I found myself trying to finish products I already have before I go buy more product. Well I hope you like my May favorites ♥ KT 

Walking on Eggshells 

Found I was using this in combo with CG 330 along with toasted and hustle 

Saves my hair in the summer from frizz

I would alternate weeks with the scrub to keep my skin from flaking.I find
I have really bad dry legs from sun screen and in and out of the pool in the summer. 

So glad I purchased this in IMATS last year. It's my favorite crease brush 
May taking off my make up, which is not shown is my moisturizer ( Nivea for dry skin )
This has been my Go-to mascara for work. I work with children and don't have time to worry
about my make up this mascara works awesome for that. I'm in and out all day with kids and running around of myself.
this seems to stay in place with out flaking and smudging. No need for the waterproof one because this is tricky to get off with out being waterproof. 

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