Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Mascara Love !!


Hey ladies my last blog I gave you an insight to the new Flamed Out mascara by Cover Girl. I heard a lot of mixed reviews on this product, so I thought I'd give you a week update on how I like it. When I here a lot of mixed reviews it kinda makes me want to try the product out more for myself.  This mascara passed the work test for me, I put it on before I went to work and it stayed in place with out smudging and flaking on me. I don't buy waterproof mascara so I didn't do the water test to see if it held up at a wedding, I use waterproof for such reasons. I love this mascara the formula is perfect on what I want it to do, I have long lashes to begin with so I just need more definition this mascara does this. It took some time to get use to the brush it's nothing that I've used before, find that it gets my baby lashes closer into my eye nicely. I tried it with curling my eyelashes and it gave me amazing lift, and drama to my eyes. So I hope you enjoy this little update on this mascara, I hope your try it out for yourselves. ♥ KT 

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* If you are looking for this product on the Canadian website, it's not posted yet. If you want to check out the shades more about the other products of the Flame out you will have to go to the State website.

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