Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Keep the mask on !

Ladies ! 

Hey ladies lately I got into the masks, over the winter to help my skin out. But now I'm hooked and I picked up some masks that I thought would be good. The Avocado mask I've used in the past and it's been my favorite for a while, I seem to like the Freeman mask a lot. They are at a great price these little packets at Walmart go for $1.50 CAN. They also come into a squeeze tube for more product, but these packets last me to masks, what ever I don't use I put in a zip-lock bag and it keeps it from drying out. The Balea one I've never used or heard of the product company, they are at Shoppers Drug mart here in Canada it's $1.79 for one and 3 for $5 CAN.When applying these I just put a thin layer all over my face avoiding close to my eyes, I leave it on  till it gets really dry and it cracks on your skin. Than just wash it off with warm water and a cloth, I find using some face cleanser just helps get all residue if any on your face. Hope this helps you face in the face mask world out there .♥ KT 

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