Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Flamed Out first time thoughts !

Ladies ! 

I haven't purchased any beauty products in a while, I'm trying to use the products that I got kicking around. The last time I went to my local Walmart I saw this product, thought about trying it than but I used all my power to walk away. This time I couldn't resits this time and I purchased the new Cover Girl Flamed out mascara. I've heard mixed reviews on this mascara, it is a smaller tube than others in the Cover Girl line. The product comes in 4 shades range from blackest black to brown. I've never used a wire brush wand before, also never used a wand like it before it's almost like a hour glass shape. I wore this today for the first time, I have a hard job in child care and I'm outside in the elements, it stood up to that. I purchased the non-waterproof kind because I don't like waterproof mascaras. Didn't smudge or flake, think I just have to get use to the wand. Well girls I hope this helps you out about this product.  ♥ KT


* If you are looking for this product on the Canadian website, it's not posted yet. If you want to check out the shades more about the other products of the Flame out you will have to go to the State website.

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