Sunday, 26 May 2013

Cover Girl new eye shadow !

Girls !! 

I've tried the Flamed out mascara from the new Cover Girl line. Completely fell in love with their mascara, so I decided to try out their pan eye shadows. Also in the line are jumbo eye pencils, but I find my eyelids to oily for those stick formats. When I saw this color I fell in love with it, browns and taupe are the color I find myself I look good in. The shadow itself is very velvety, had some fall out well applying but not much. The pay off of this was great didn't fade at all was easy to blend out.  The pay off of any of the CG shadows are amazing you can't go wrong with some in your kit for $6.49 CAN. Well I hope you enjoy this color is much as I do. ♥ KT 

330 - Melted Caramel * natural light 

No flash natural light 


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