Friday, 12 April 2013

Real Techniques comes to Canada !

Ladies ! 
OMG OMG OMG !!! They have arrived, in Canada and I got my hands on one of them.  The Walmart by my house is sold out of them, but I went to another one in another city. I just wanted to know if they did have them by chance and they did so I bought the eye starter kit. This find is awesome because the website didn't even ship to Canada, so now I'm glad we got them. I have a beauty blender so I didn't want the face brushes. I got these do to I have ones from a kit that my mom got me for a Christmas gift, need to replace them they are old and need to be replaced. So I hope that I enjoy these is much as everyone else does. ♥KT  

The Eye Starter Kit 

- Includes 5 brushes plus handy traveling case. 
Base shadow brush
Deluxe crease brush
- Accent brush- Pixel-point eyeliner brush- brow brush

~ The case is a 2-1 traveling case and stand.

100% cruelty-free

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