Wednesday, 3 April 2013

How I make my skin looking GREAT !! from winter to summer

Ladies ! 

This post is about how I keep my skin looking great and keep those break outs at bay. As an adult I don't have that much break outs as much as I did as a teen. I still get them once in a while do to what food I'm eating or the time of the month. But finally found products that help me keep my skin clear and happy, if you have sensitive skin. I'm going to break down the products that I use, how I use them, I will list alternative products as well. So I hope you find this useful and tell me if you have tried these products. ♥ KT 
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Garnier make up wipes - These bad boys help a lot with taking off the make up. I find they are very moist that work to take off my foundation/BB cream right down to tough mascara and eye make up. One sheet of this using both sides will get the job done. Also bad confession if I'm being lazy on a late night I will just use these to take off my make up with out washing my face. 

Tea Tree facial wash - Till this day I swear by this stuff, because it was my savor to my acne problem as a teen. Soothes my redness around my nose, and  keeps down the redness of pimples.  I use a quarter size amount in my palm, than with the other hand get a little wet lather than wash face. ( Good alternative to this would be Purity from Philosophy )

Daily Scrub - You dont' have to use the pacific on I shown here, but this step is a must. I find doing this step in the shower helps. Your poors will open with the steam of the shower, so the product can clean out the dirt easier with less work. If your using a very grainy scrub go for a large pea size amount and go in a circle motion all over your face. If the scrub is finer use a larger amount.

Moisturizer -   This is were it gets tricky, if you have oily skin you want a oil free type. If you have normal to combination skin, look for something that is for the type you have a wider range of product you can use. Also finding an SPF will help with sun damage during the day in the summer and winter. I find in the winter I like to use more of a cream based rather than gel, find it just gives my skin a little more.  Moisturizer I just use a good amount and do my face and neck, I let sit for a little before adding foundation or BB cream. 

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