Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The alternative Beauty Blender first thought

Hey Girls
I was looking at them at Imats with my friend Sara, but I thought I could find a better deal on another product. So recently me and my friend met up before going out on the town, and she brought me a gift. She found then at our local winners, and she knew the last time I was there they didn't have any. There are so many copy cats to the famous " Beauty Blender " sponges. Really can't see myself paying $ 22 Can for the BBlender but I almost did at one point.. When I saw this the first time thought that it would be a great buy. It's latex free and hypoallergenic it looks like the same size as the BBlender. I personally think the BBlender has a little more give to it's sponge like texture, but I've not seen it wet yet. I haven't tried this sponge yet seeing that I only got it on the weekend. I will be doing a blog  on how this coverage is of many foundations brands. So stay tuned I hope you enjoy this little first part of this post ♥ KT 

Revive beauty sponge. 

WHERE TO BUY:  In Canada - Winners and Marshalls. TJ Maxx in the US. Not sure 

PRICE : Only $5.99!

VARIETY?: Only variations in colors. Mint green, yellow, baby blue, and of course, pink and purple .

TEXTURE: Very soft and pliable - velvety feeling.


  1. Looks like a good dupe. I just got the Soho London one and pretty good. I just cannot justify paying that much for the beauty blender so cannot compare.

  2. I really want to find a good blender like this, the Beauty Blender is pretty expensive!

    Megan xxx