Wednesday, 20 March 2013

My Favorite Neutrogena products.

Ladies !! 
My last post made sense that I should share my favorite products from the Neutrogena line. I love their products, I find them they are one of the best drug store brands. Everyone could find something they will like rather it be their make-up wipes or to their anti- aging. The products that I've listed here are the picture from their site and that are products I've bought myself or I've gotten samples of and fell in love with. I will do say if you don't like very abrasive scrubs, than these aren't for you they are very grainy.  If you haven't used these products yet get out and try some, if you have tried some of these let me know what you think of them. ♥ KT  
Very grainy creamy scrub, this is the product I found  you get best of both worlds.  I love their cream cleanser and their scrub,
this puts those 2 things together. Also it smells amazing faint smell of peaches, makes your skin super smooth. 
This was the first product I ever tried from them. If you want something to wake you up in the morning, than
this is a great product for you. This product makes your skin tingle and the micro beads have a cooling effect to them. 
A scrub that helps with the shine of your skin, 85% keeps it a bay. This is too fairly new in Canada as well.
I'm excited to try this product!!! 
This is a 2-1 it's a cleanser/ mask, which we just got here in Canada so it's fairly new. I use this as a mask to get rid  of blackheads that I have in my T-zone. The formula is like the cream cleanser but a little more thicker,
I find spreading a thin layer in the trouble areas is all you need. 
The only moisturizer I found for combination skin  in the drug store.
Their oil-free moisturizers with SPF 15 and 30 are also a great to have.  I've used both kinds in their line. 
I love using this in the winter time, I live in Canada and sometimes the gel  cleansers can be drying .
This washes off the make up and leaves my skin moisturized and smooth. 
I know this is for acne suffers and I do time to time get a pimple.
I find when I do get a zit my skin gets really red, so I need something soothing and calming for my troubled skin at the time.  
I got a sample of this from my Dad's skin Dr. I loved it even through it's not oil free,
I found that it didn't break my skin out with little acne. Didn't make my skin slimy after being in and out of water,
sweat didn't break down this sun screen either. Comes in SPF 30 and SPF 60 for kids.

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