Tuesday, 5 March 2013

keeping those pits dry

Hey Girls !! 

We all deal with the problem of having body order, for some reason I have a really bad problem with body deodorant/antiperspirant. working for me. It's like that foundation that you use it a couple of times than it breaks you out. I feel like that happens to me once I use one type solid or gel deodorant/antiperspirant it will stop working. The clinical ones can be harmful to you if you use them on a regular basis so I try to stay away from those. Gel based it seems you don't get as much product as you would a solid, find it you can get more with your money with a solid.So finally these are the two that seem to be working for me, the secret is a gel, the other is a solid. The solid is great for long nights out for drinks or long days just gives you a little more lasting power.  The gel is good for refreshing I think, just gives you another protecting power, would defiantly put it in my gym bag it will absorb the sweat a little more faster than the solid would. So tell me what your favorites are ♥ Kt



  1. I keep meaning to try mitchum! I use a roll on, a chemical-type one and it works a treat. I dont wear it every day though so my skin is fine with it xox

  2. The Mitchum Advanced Control one works great for me, but I also really like the Power Fresh one, which are gel formula though. I think I have found my HG cruelty-free deodorants! I also made my own by simply mixing baking soda with coconut oil, which works amazing and is soooo cheap, but simply patting baking soda on my pits works well too!