Friday, 1 March 2013

First time using - Bed head by TIGI

Hey Gals !

I recently just dyed my hair again, seeing that I did dye it with salon color rather than just drug store box color. Thought that I would get a good shampoo, different from my drug store color protector. I was finding that color protector shampoo's were making my hair greasy because they add moisture to your hair. So I went into my local beauty supply store (BSO in Canada ) and talked to the lady that was very helpful. She gave me her top 5 that she would use on clients colored hair, I chose the one that was in the middle of the price range. The other one she showed me was Matrix brand that I've been looking into their shampoo's it's defiantly on my list to try but now this time. I went with with TIGI brand BED HEAD, their packaging is fun and loud, I've never had shampoo in a squeeze bottle so it's a switch. The type I chose is for volume seeing I do have very fine thin hair, all their products are color safe, an smell amazing.
So if you have fine thin hair  colored or not and it's greasy later that same day or the next. Try staying away from moisturizing shampoo's. They add to much moisture that your hair can't take it and produces more oil to get rid of the moisture. I do still use deep conditioner once a week I even try to push that and do every other week if I can. I hope this helps with thin and fine haired people !! ♥ KT

* What this product claims :
- Repairs hair
- Boosts Volume
- Enhancing body and shine.


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