Friday, 1 February 2013

Today's haul

Ladies !

I had to go back to Walmart with my mom today after i got my nails done. Was going there for some new lip balm for work, and game out with 2 other things.  I needed a face mask so I picked up a travel size of the freeman avocado and oatmeal. I never really needed tweezers because my eye brows are very light, but that is changing and they are getting a little darker. So I had to get some tweezers yes I know I should have got some Tweezermans but I thought I should start out small. So I'll let you know how I like the mask I think I may do that soon, seeing that my face could use a little help. ♥ KT 


  1. Just got that lip balm in this months Glossy box. Its great:)

    Sara x

    1. It's the only one that can battle with the dryness in the gym.At my work, it helps with the splitting of my bottom lip.