Thursday, 7 February 2013

My makeup collection and organization

Ladies !! 

Even though this is messy need to clean ( sorry ) this is what my make up collection looks like. I use the top of my dresser with the containers from the dollar store to hold make up. My 3 little container has my urban decay shadows and benefit paint pots. The 2nd spot has new products haven't used and samples. Last is products and lip products I don't  use. On top of that 3 story container is my pallets, ( sleek, naked pallet 1 and too faced. ) My make up brushes are in a  limit addiction absolute vodka rox glass that I stole from a bar when I was 19. Nail polishes are in the back, body sprays and lotions in the front are little mini bottles of things. I hope this give you an in site of the make up I do own and share with you ♥ KT 

From  Pairs Hilton to CK summer. Not shown DKNY  

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