Friday, 22 February 2013

How I wash off my make up

Hey girls this is the product I use to get my every day make up off. 2 of these products are drug store so the wont break your bank, if you wanted if you have a favorite drug store cleanser than it could all be easy on the piggy bank. All of these products help washing your makeup off a little easier than just with soap and water. I hope you have tried these are they are on your list of trying, share with me your views on these products. ♥ KT

Simple - I love this eye make up remover, it's the only one that I found that didn't bug my eyes. It takes off the easy stuff but you do have to work at some eye liners. I use this mostly to clean up fall out and mascara that is being stubborn the day after washing.

Tea-tree face wash - This handy cleanser from the body shop saved me from bad acne as a teenager. Now in my early 20's I still use this because I find it works very well and it keeps my skin not tight after washing.

Wipes  - I love these they are gentle and there is right amount a product on a cloth. They don't dry out as fast as some other face cloths I've used.

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