Thursday, 21 February 2013

How I keep my legs smooth

Hey ladies !! 

These are the products I use to keep my legs smooth all year round. I find using this combo works very well, too keep my legs looking great and smooth.  I use the lotion everyday and not just my legs, it's great for sensitive skin. EOS shave lotion is the best I've ever tried, it kicks the gel shave cream to the curb in my books. The shave lotion is so hydrating and I find I use less of it because it's so creamy of a product. I've used other body scrubs in my life time, but I just picked up this flake away stuff by soap and glory. The reason it has taken me so long is Soap and glory in Canada is $18.00 CAN so it's pricey. I love it best scrub ever we don't have the one I really want to try ( breakfast scrub) thought this will do. You don't have use as much as I would normally with an other named scrub, the grain is perfect for me. If you are one of those people that don't like harsh scrubs than this isn't for you. You may want to fine a small grain scrub if you have sensitive skin on your legs. I hope this helps you find your leg smoothing trio, ♥ KT 

Johnson baby lotion, EOS raspberry pomegranate, EOS lavender ( back up bottle )
Flake away from Soap & Glory.

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  1. Great idea, need to do a post like this and I love Johnson's baby products too!


  2. The EOS shaving cream is the best, I love it. I have Lavender Jasmine and Vanilla Bliss, really want to try pomegranate raspberry too :-)