Sunday, 20 January 2013

Garnier Olia

This is a new coloring system that I came across in Walmart. I love Garneir products along with their hair dyes I normaly use the 100% pigment collection ( red box ). It looked interesting so I decided to try it out, worse case I fade it out and go back to my old hair dye.  It covered my hair very well also my hair takes dye very well it seems. Didn't stink up my bathroom while coloring, because there is no  ammonia . Also I've never had a hair dye that left my hair super soft and shiny. The color selections for this are pretty normal they have blonde to black like all hair colors all colors are very vivid. I don't know what it would be at normal priced but I got it for $ 9.97 CAN. The one disappointing thing about the product it that it left my hair so soft, than when you have thin/fine hair it makes your hair very staticky. The thing that stops this which helped was the old Bounce laundry sheet and freeze control gloss by John Freida.  Hope you enjoy this is much as I did and it was fun to switch it up. ♥ KT 

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  1. It looks great. My hair colouring days are behind me but if I ever go back I'd give this a go!