Friday, 14 December 2012

Winter time and care.

Ladies !!
Hey ladies seeing that it starting to be winter time, our hair and other care seems to change. So I'm going to give you a list of my favorite products, that I use to keep my hair and skin looking great over the winter time. These products can all be found at your local drug store, I don't have that to many high end face and body care products. Hope this helps all in the winter time, please share your favorite.♥ KT

Nivea Extra Nourishing Milk - This lotion is for extra dry skin, and man does it ever work. I like to put it on at night so it has time to soak in and it says it works for 24 hrs and it really does. I smells amazing because the of almond oil that is in the lotion, doesn't put a film on your body either.

E.O.S Hand Lotion - I love having this on hand in my purse, you don't know where you'd be that you need a little moisture. I love it because it doesn't make my hands feel greasy after either, just a right balance of everything plus it smells great too.

L'image - I got this deep conditioner in a hair dye box, I love it because it just light enough for my thin hair. It leaves my hair soft and looking amazing, keeps my hair from getting brittle.

E.O.S ball - My favorite lip balm  that doesn't make my cracked lips worse.  I love how it's different from the tube lip balms, I can find it easy in my purse.

Aveeno deep lip balm - This is my heavy duty chap-stick I only use it when my lips are really bad.  I normally stick on after my shower and right before I go to bed. I find it's more of a richer based lip balm that helps more when it's cold and windy. It's comparable to the Burt's bee's lip balms out there.

Garnier moisture rescue - This is an amazing face cream, I like it how it's a light gel like but it's got the power of a heavy cream. This is the first time that I've gotten this product in this form, I'm a fan of their cream ( in the pump bottle ) The only downfall with this one has no SPF in it like the other pump bottle.
Well I hope you enjoy you winter !!! 
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  1. I love Nivea and Garnier! Stopping by from the "Blog Love Therapy Blog Hop" and just followed you! Hope you can come by and visit some time, maybe follow back if you like what you see ;-)

    xoxo Keke (Pakize)

  2. I love EOS stuff so much! Great necessities! :))


    1. I just starting to use their shave lotion... OMG it's amazing, I like it more than other drug store. Its awesome for Canadian winters !