Saturday, 3 November 2012

October Favorites !!!

Hey Ladies !!! 
It's that time again to do October favorites. You know the drill will go in depth on each product on why I like it and tips and tricks on how. Hope you guys like it this time around have a good one Cheers ♥ KT
Open too faced palette 
Got2be -  This is a hair protector spray, this product comes in different bottles ( black and white ) The cream bottle is the highest heat temp it goes to. I choose this one because I thought it would over all bases on heat tools and I didn't have worry about finding the right temp. I just spray my hair evenly and comb through with a wide tooth comb and let dry before styling it with any heat tool. 

Vaseline -  
Great for everyday use, now that in Canada we are coming up into our winter. This is be go to lotion along with my Nivea body milk. Great for giving your body that extra moisture, I love how its a pump bottle so the cap dosn't get all goopey. 

- This is the  " C" shadow brush that I got in my give away.. I love this brush it works so well. I'll let you know how it washes up. It's a great brush for packing the color on. Great all around brush to have in your tool kit.
Pantene -  This is my alternative shampoo to my Infusium23, I've been a pantene uses for years, and it's my favorite drug store shampoo. Before I colored my hair I used the volume based shampoo from their line and Love it. The conditioners have come a long way too from what they use to be. 

24/7 Lashblast - You have might realized that I've already talked about this product and how hard it is to come off. It's amazing, I wear to work and I don't have to worry about it moving, smudging and flaking.

Toofaced palette -  This was my first palette i ever got, and I'm so glad I did I love it. The colors are so pigmented and silky. I use velvet revolver as a brow color it's a perfect match to my light eyebrows.  Silk Teddy for my whole lid and Cocoa Puff and Push-up fro my crease. 

E.O.S - This lip balm I can't say anything bad abut it just so AMAZING !!! It's the only lip balm I've tried and I've tried a lot that doesn't make my bad chapped lips worse. I also love the container ball that it is because I can find it in my purse and I'm not searching around for it. 

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  1. I love the got2b heat protection,it is the best!xx

  2. The EOS lip balm is always in my purse in the same flavor too!

  3. I love the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette too!!! I also tagged you for a blogger tag so check it out!