Sunday, 18 November 2012

Imats 2012 and Bdellium - Crease brush

Hey Ladies !! 
I went to Imats Toronto  for the first year over the weekend with my good friend Sara. I was a little disappointed with the show itself. Not only was I under the weather for the most part of the morning, followed by long lines and busy waits for some booths. There wasn't any good deals no special offers, not to many products to choose from. We got in an out of there is fast as we could I think we spent of a whole total hour and a bit. Than out next outing was going from Imats to the Eaton Center in the middle of the city, which was an interesting time.We had an advanture trying to get to the Eaton Center,  2 bus rides and a trip on the handy subway ( no one licked our faces ) we got to the Eaton Center. Walking and getting lost in the mall we went to the MAC store because where me and my friend Sara live we only have the counter.  Also when my friend and I went to go find Lush it got even worse needless to say we never found the store at all. Only if next year there is something " Big " at 2013 Imats I will not go unless there is someone good there or they get better deals. Well I did buy one thing at the show before the show I was looking into Bdellium brushes always caught my eye, found out they were going to be at the show so I was excited seeing I saved on shipping.  I got the 785 small crease brush, it's the only one I needed to complete my selection of brushes. ♥ Kt
Crown sign 

Imats sign in the lobby 

785 crease brush 

Sorry for the dirtyness 

Our train home !!! 
Site ! 
Bdellium -

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  1. Haha I was a little disappointed no one tried to lick my face..I had my my sanitizer ready lol:)
    Sara xx