Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tea Tree Cleanser from Body Shop

Hey Ladies !!! 

I'm talking about my holy grail of face cleansers, this stuff saved my skin as a teen. It soothed my acne and died down the redness that I had along with very bad acne. Trust me when I was having my acne issues, I tried every over the counter product, cleanser/wash. Over night treatments and peels and nothing seem to be helping my acne. Than I was in the body shop just looking around, than the lady came up to me and told me that this might help with the redness and pain that comes with some pimples. It was perfect at the time because they had a promo on buy 2 get the other free, so I got 2 washes and the soothing toner. I only use the toner when I use a full face of make up, just feel it cleans my pours out better. I've also used the mask from this line, and I like it. It was only a trail size to test the product I would buy it for myself but right now I'm using another mask. Keep reading for pros and con's list ♥ KT 

- Helps with acne of all sorts
- Brings down redness and soothes the areas
- Great price
- Great selection of products to choose from.
- Get a lot of product on what you pay for
- Don't need that much to get the job done.
Con's : 
- The smell of the tea tree gets a bit getting use to
- Sometimes they run out one pacific product.
- With their old bottles the caps would snap off.

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  1. I only have the body wash & face mask (obviously you know that lol) love them, esp the smell:)