Monday, 1 October 2012

September favorites !!

Hey Ladies 
 So I acutely had to think about this one for a moment, because I had way to many favorite so i picked the ones I reached for the most. So I hope you enjoy my September favorites, I will be breaking down and telling you more about the products. Enjoy lovelies ♥ KT

Tresemme Dry Shampoo -  I'm just  started using this again. My hair is really greasy and oily because how fine it is.  I've been trying to train my hair to not be greasy, this seems to help that a lot specially if I just through it up in a pony tail. The first time I used this I found it a little hard to use,  because the powder shows up on your hair if you dark hair but if you lightly rub it in it goes away. Let it sit in your hair and than brush it out and style as wanted, by the end of the day I don't like the chalky feeling it gives but I try not the think about it.

Naked Pallet 1 - There is so much range you can do with this pallet. I love doing a light all over lid color and smoking out my corners and part of my crease with the gray and the black in this pallet. I'm so glad I got this pallet, I love my browns in this pallet.

BB&W hand lotion in Orange Ginger -  This is my favorite hand lotion and candle from them.  I love how fresh smelling this is. I can't do lavender because it gives me huge headaches , so this is my lavender scent 

Clairol L'image deep conditioner -  This came with one of my hair color's, I'm using this as a deep conditioner every other week. I'm trying  to use all of my tubes of deep conditioner so I can get the new l'oreal hair mask ( in the black n pink tub). 

Aveeno lip balm - I get very dry lips other than my EOS ball this is the other lip balm that works on my cracked lips. It has spf of 15 in it and it helps against the cold weather we have in Canada. 

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