Friday, 5 October 2012

Changing hair color for the Fall

Hey Girls
I needed a change and I thought it would be perfect color for fall. I got this color as a complementary box from John Freida, the color I chose was the Dark cherry brown which I found so pretty. This was my first time using foam hair color, there were defiantly pros and con's to the foam. It was such a nice product to work with, thought it was going to be difficult.  I would defiantly use this product again and recommend it to anyone that wants to try a foam hair color. ♥ KT

What the box on the outside looks like 
3VR is the box color 
I'm medium to dark brown so my color will come out between the both, that I'm hoping 
Pro's : 
- Great color  to the little diagram on the box \
-  Get more hair color than my other hair dye 
- Doesn't have that peroxide smell to it 
- No drip 
- Easy to work spreading it around 
- Great amazing instructions with amazing picture to show you what to do. 
Con's : 
- You couldn't concentrate it in one spot like the paste hair dye.
- Gloves didn't come down far enough to the write, kinda got it every where 


  1. That's a great color. I want to dye my hair a similar color but I've never had my hair colored, I'm a little nervous honestly.

    1. You have nothing to worry about, it's simple and you find tips and tricks to make the process easier.

  2. I found your blog on, following you now. please do follow me :)

  3. I just got low lights for fall. Following you now.

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