Thursday, 6 September 2012

Whats in my shower tag !

Ladies !! 
This isn't new to the Youtube world to gurus, but I love watching them you can get some really cute ideas. I decided to do a whats in your shower tag well whats in the family bathroom lol.  The caddy around the shower foset  don't' know where my mom got it. Plastic is the way to go because it doesn't rust why do they make shower catties not plastic that will rust beats me.  So lets begin in what is in my shower, this is only half of it the other is in a bucket in my linen closet. Well I hope you like this and please let me know  ♥ KT

First shelve -  At the top is the tallest products we have that can't fit in the other corner little shelve or on the cattie. Gillette Venus Shave Gel  and Johnson Baby Shampoo 
Second shelve -    These shampoo's on this shelve get switched out a lot, depending on what me and my mom feel like using that month. We try to rotate our products that way they aren't just sitting colleting dust in the closet. Infusium23 color protect shampoo, trial packet of John Frieda, Panteen, BB&W body was in Tangelo Woods, Neutrogena shampoo in Clean Replenishing, Aveeno baby moisture wash. 

Mystery shelve/ walls- The shelve I thought wasn't even worthy to be in the shot because it can only fit 2 things.  We have a suction cup with the face cloth on it under the mystery shelve. A little container suction cup thing holding my dads shaving stuff.  My Shaver, Fa body wash in vanilla & honey and Cetaphil. The little shelves attached to the catty has my mom's razor in the soap tray is my dad's. The lonely puff that my mom only uses.


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