Friday, 7 September 2012

Updated face care routine

I did a skin care routine a while back, but also I have a summer and winter routine. I kinda went through my head and figured out what I've been using this past summer for my skin care.  I have double of most I use 2 different cleansers and 2 moisturizers. I will go into detail in all. Also in this blog I'm going to a little review on each product that you see. I go into detail with each product so keep reading, to my views Sunday is N&T the next will be next Sunday because this is a big post.♥ KT 

                                    ( L-R ) MOISTURE RESCUE w SPF 15 , Tea Tree cleansing wash, Daily Care for dry skin,
                                                                                    Daily scrub, purity cleanser.

Garnier Moisture rescue with SPF 15-  This moisturizer is amazing for the summer days, it's very light weight its non greasy. Smells amazing, my skin feels so great after using this everyday. Even with acne prone skin and very stubborn sensitive skin this stuff  soothes those issues. Also what I like about it also that it has SPF 15 it is defiantly a bonus, along with the price.

Body Shop Tee Tree line - As a teenager this was a god scent. I had very bad acne in my teens was on medication for it used everything under the sun, nothing seem to work. So Mom and I were in body shop and the lady noticed my bad acne. So she recommended this to me  over the past 3 years I'm glad she did. I've used the toner and the mask from this line and just love it. Till this day when my acne is acting up I use this to keep the redness down and to sooth the skin from flaring up. It's a little pricier than most acne treatments you would buy at the drug store, but soooo worth it body shop is good for 2 for 1 deals.  

Nievea Daily Care for Dry SkinI normally don't have dry skin on my face at all but lately with my age getting bigger digits the  combination/oily is changing. Just find that this just stops the dry skin from flaking, gives my skin a great feel of moisture. In the winter months I find this is my go to because Canadian winters are dreadful on your skin and face. Also for not being oil free this doesn't make my skin break out.

Aveeno Daily Scrub -  Not really a fan of this product because it's to fine of a grain on the scrub part. I find it does the job but not well like other scrubs I've used. If they can make the grain of the scrub bigger or more grainy I would deffently love this product. The formulation of this product is great it's creamy and got a really good feel to it. If you like a more fine grain to your scrub this would be great for you. After I'm done this product I'll be going back to my old scrub,   my old neutrogena scrub, just found the grain of the scrub a little more scrubby.  

Philosophy PurityThis was a Christmas gift to myself this past year. I heard really good things about it through the gurus of YouTube..I've used it couple of times this a couple of times seeing that I'm trying to use others up, but  for what I've used it's very creamy. The lather on this product is amazing, little amount that you have to use to see results is awesome. Also one thing I like about her product is that it comes in different sizes, there is also a foam version of the product as well. 

So guys I hope you liked my updated skin care routine, over the time I will be updating some old post that I got. Some have changed so much since I started blogging than it is will needed. ♥ KT  
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  1. My husband uses the Garnier moisturizer and really loves it! Looking forward to reading the rest!


  2. I love the Body Shop Tea Tree products!
    I found your blog through Blog Hop

    Natasha Carly x