Monday, 3 September 2012

Sunday Nail/toe # 6

Girls !! 

When I showed this color in my post  Walmart Haul I got lot of comments on it. So I thought I'd push the other colors I have set for N.T.S and put this in the mix for you guys.  I love this color because I find it great for that transition color to summer to fall. It's close to a periwinkle purple/blue thought it was a great color in the store but when the sun hits it turns into an amazing color. I find the more coats that you do brings out the more purple the color goes, don't like doing that many coats because I like my nails to breath but once awhile is okey.  I hope you check out this color ♥ Kt  

400  Virtual Violet 
One coat 

4 coats 

Sally Hansen -

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  1. Love this shade hun, dont think I own this one..will have to check:) xx