Sunday, 16 September 2012

Simple - Eye make-up remover ~ Review

 Ladies !! 

Even though the first time I used the Simple brand, it was a hate relationship didn't like their cleansing wipes at all. I thought that I would give the brand another shot with another product from the line, hopefully I had better results.  The Simple brand in Canada is approx $11-14 CAN, which is crazy if you think about it. One thing with the product line is that they put it on sale a lot of the times, which this time I found it on sale for was $ 6.49. How I apply the product is Delon+ cotton rounds, they can be bought  at Costco or  Amazon. I find just a little cleans up your eye beautifully with out any residue. I find with pigments or sparkle eye make up that some make up removers just kinda smears it around, not this product just grabs it and lifts stubborn product. It's also good for stubborn mascara's and waterproof, had to do a little scrubbing with a little more moisture to the cotton pad but got the job done. ♥ KT

- Genital
- non invasive
- no alcohol / has no scent
-  vitamins to keep your skin healthy
- Great for contact users
Con's : 
- Wish it came in a bigger bottle to the fluid oz
- Wish it had a pump like the old clean and clear toner
- Wish it was less money in Canada
- Little hard to get a on a Q-tip for under eyes.

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  1. I really need to try this one, def picking some up when my Sephora one is almost done:)
    sara xx

  2. I always use this but mainly cause it's a very cheap product in the UK, you can usually pick it up in supermarkets for under £3.00.

    I love and have followed your blog :) Would love if you can check mine out and follow back if you like it :)