Thursday, 13 September 2012

MAC wish list


Hey girls, I know I love make up and I love teaching you guys on what I know! There is a secret shhhh ! I've never used a MAC eye shadow or powder at all of my make up life. I've heard mixed reviews on their products and I can't fab spending is much as we spend in Canada for MAC ( which can be more than our Sephora ).  I've gotten a trial size of their ZOOM mascara but don't like it because it smears, flakes and just the formula is way to wet for my liking. One thing I did like about the mascara that how black it was. It coated my lashes perfectly with just a small trial wand. Enough of this, I'm hear to tell you want I want or what I've had my eyes one every time I go.  I want the brush cleaner to use between baby shampoo, just to put some good  vitamins into the hairs would be great. Now pretty much Fix + is just fancy water but,  I want the spritz bottle really!! I like how it locks the pump and how even the spray is with the bottle. In Canada we never got the travel size bottles and I would have loved to get my hands on them. Well I hope you girls don't shun me because I've not touched a MAC eyeshadow, have a good day keep smiling ♥ KT 

Brush Cleanser 
Fix + 

Kohl eye pencil in Smoulder 



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