Thursday, 6 September 2012

Linen/ bath product organization

Took my Mom and I a while to figure out how many buckets, from the local dollar store but we finished our project. We kinda turned our linen closet into extra bathroom and product storage. So the top shelves are towels and extra sheets for our beds. The very bottom shelve is extra light bulbs, toilet paper, tissue boxes don't know why there is Christmas cards in here that's my mom doing lol. The only problem with these bins is they only came in the green an blue but for the size and the cost $2.00 CAN you couldn't go wrong. We have different bins for different things;
First aid
Re purchased products 
Air fresheners and sprays  
Well I hope this give you some good ideas for your own organizing days. ♥ KT 

This is my bin, for what you can see I have to rearrange some things. 

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